Privacy Policy

Patient Privacy Services

Our Pledge to protect your privacy.

Our values and is commited to protecting the privacy of health information we create or receive about you. Health information that identifies you ("protected health information," or "health information") includes your medical record and other information relating to your care or payment for care.

Our notice of privacy practices.

The hospital will provide you with a Notice of Priacy Practices - English version / Spanish version that explains our privacy practices and your rights regarding your health information. The first time you receive care on or after September 23, 2013, the hospital will provide you with a copy of our current Notice and ask you to acknowledge its receipt. The Hospita may need to change its privacy policies and practices from time to time and will update the notice accordingly.

You may ask for a copy of our current notice at any time in any of the patient registration areas throughout the hospital, including clinics, and it is publicy posted in a number of places. You can also view and print a copy of our current notice by clicking on Notice of Privacy Practices - English version / Spanish version.

Throughout these pages on patient privacy you may click on items that are in italics and underlined and an Adobe PDF file version of a document or form will open for your review or to be printed.

Your rights regarding health information about you

An important part of the Hospital's Notice is the section that explains your rights regarding your health information. Our notice explains that you (or your personal representative) have the right to:

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