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Hip knee fellowship program is a systematic mentoring program focusing on a problem in the hip and knee official under Kolegium of Orthopaedics. The topics coverage including trauma, sports injury, joint preservation, reconstruction, and joint replacement.

The fellows will undergo training under renowned hip knee surgeon from National and international center. The center will have its own characteristic to indulge and learn. Past fellows have gain mutual relationship and insight to learn deeper and further.
The learning process will start from the basic understanding, simulation on the laboratory, Interactive lecture, Patient assessment, Knowledge update, Surgical training, dan recovery. The fellow is expected to be active in discussion and direct mentoring with consultant of hip and knee national and international. There will be diverse patient population with varying pathology. The fellows will be exposed to varying wide spectrum of problem and solution.

Various topic of research national and international are available to be explored. Many opportunity to engage in topics available. Further academic involvement is encourage and supported.