Conquering Everyday Challenge in Hip and Knee Problem

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  Pullman Bandung Grand Central

  Ibis Style Hotel


dr. Kiki Novito, SpOT

President of Indonesian Hip & Knee Society


dr. Andre Yanuar, SpOT

Chairman of IHKS 8th Scientific Meeting 2024

We cordially invite you to Bandung for the 8th Biannual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Hip and Knee Society from 28 August to 31 August 2024 at Pullman Bandung Grand Central. Our meeting this time will discuss the most frequently encountered cases in daily practice that need to be known by general orthopedics, practitioners in the musculoskeletal field as well as advanced and complex cases that hip and knee subspecialists must know. In this meeting you can learn and discuss directly from world-renowned experts in arthroplasty, sports injuries and trauma in the hip and knee region.

This 3-day scientific meeting will be preceded by a workshop and comprehensive lecture to hone your hip and knee surgery skills. There will be more than 30 symposium topics presented by international and Indonesian experts that you can choose according to your educational needs at this meeting. Abstract submissions for e-posters and free podiums have been opened and we invite all of you to present your best scientific work which will be assessed to compete for the Chehab Rukni Hilmy Award.

This meeting is also a golden opportunity for you to see the latest advances in Orthopedic surgery such as artificial intelligence and robotics in the field of hip and knee.

Bandung is the 2024 trending destination according to TripAdvisor based on the Best of the best Destinations Traveler's choice category, which is the only city in Indonesia that is on the World Trending Destinations list, this is due to the friendliness of its people, the beauty of nature and culture and of course the city's special culinary delights. Bandung was even named the city with the best culinary delights in ASEAN according to the 2023/2024 Taste Atlas.

We hope that you can be part of the international orthopedic meeting in Bandung, that is the 8th Scientific Meeting of IHKS 2024.

See you in Bandung.

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Pullman Bandung Grand Central

Jl. Diponegoro No.27, Citarum, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115


Second Announcement

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Chehab Rukni Hilmy Award

Chehab R. Hilmy Award is established in 2013 to recognize meritorius researches or publications at Indonesian Hip & Knee Society (IHKS) Scientific Meetings. This award , comprises of 3 prizes , recognizes outstanding manuscripts that focus on basic science, surgical techniques , clinical research , systematic reviews or outcomes report related directly to arthroplasty , Sport Medicine / Arthroscopy & Trauma around the Hip & Knee.
Eligible applicants must be members in good standing of Indonesian Hip & Knee Society

Deadline of Abstract Submission for IHKS Scientific Meeting will be July 5 , 2024. The Selected Abstracts will presented by the authors in the format of presentation (3 Minute Presentation and 3 Minutes (Q&A) at IHKS Scientific Meeting.

Abstract Submission

5th July 2024

Due Date Abstract

Upload Abstract & Files qr-code-abstract


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  • Powerpoint or Keynote Format Acceptable
  • PPT 16:9 Wide Screen
  • Please keep your file size under 500MB per presentation if Possible
  • Please embed your picture and video files into your presentation to avoid any display problem
  • All presentations will be loaded into our central computer system for presentation so you do not need to bring your own laptop
  • Please submit your abstract and Slide to Google Form latest by July 5 , 2024 . we will load your presentations ready for your viewing and rehearsal
  • If any revision , please load your presentations to the speaker ready room minimal 3 hours before your schedule presentation
  • Technical support staff will be standing by to assist you
  • All must be in English
  • Full HD , Potrait 1080 x 1920 Pixel
  • Please submit your abstract and Poster to Google Form latest by July 5 , 2024
  • All must be in English

Basic Format For Abstract:

  • An Abstract is compendious summary of a research paper’s substance including its background , purpose, methodology , results and conclusion.
  • It should be one paragraph with a word limit of 175-275
  • Keyword should be provided as a must (no more than 06 words)
  • Keyword shoud be written in lowecase letters (Not applicable to names/scientific names) and should be separated with commas
  • Please do not include subheadings , bullets, lists and header/footer in the abstract
  • Abstract titles should be short, but desciptive , informative titles , indicating key points are encouraged , Abbreviations should not be used in the titles
  • Acronyms should be written in full the first time, mentioned in the text , followed by abbreviation in parentheses
  • Always follow SI Units
  • Scientific names must be in Italic
  • Use a negative exponent (e.g kg m -3 ) and do not indicate units as divisions (e.g kg/m 3)
  • Chemical formula should be written in a standard from such as “CaCO3” , not as “CaCO3". Use a zero before decimal points such as “0.45” not “.45”
  • There Shall be not citations or references in the abstract specifically . If There is a need to cite references, Please Provide the sources in brackets


  • Titles : Times New Roman , 12 Points , Uppercase, Centered text in bold
  • Body : Times New Roman , 11 Points , Line spacing : 1 , one column of text


  • Affiliations should be indicated with superscipt Arabic numbers appearing at the end surename / Family name
  • A Superscript asterisk should be used for corresponding author
  • Names of Affiliations should be given including the country
  • If there is more than one name and address, they should be related by superscript numbers


  • Surename INITIALS 1, Surename INITIALS 1* and Surename INITIALS 2
  • Department , Faculty , University, Country
  • Department , Institure , Country

*[email protected] (Email Address of the corresponding author)


Artificial Intelligent and Robotic in Hip and Knee Surgery

29th August 2024
31st August 2024


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Conquering Everyday Challenge in Hip and Knee Problem